Understanding Position

9Position can be a hard concept for newer players to grasp.

To put it basically, the closer one is to the dealer button, the better position on has.

Players close to the dealer button have late position, the best by far. They will have had the chance to see the action of the other players and therefore will be able to make a more informed action.

Players furthest from button, called early position, such as small and big blind will have the second best position. They have the ability to set the tone of the round by initiating a bet or not.They can test the others to weed out the people without a decent hand.

Players right between early and late position are called mid position. They have the worst position. Not only are they subject to getting tested by potential bets by early positioners, they do not have as much free information that late position do. They are in that awkward spot like a deer in the headlights.

Players with late position often have the advantage of being able to bluff more effectively after seeing their opponents actions and determining whether they actually have a hand or not.

Regardless of how decent a poker player you think you are, you won’t get far without understanding position and how it can benefit you or be a detriment.