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Scared money don’t make money

10As the title suggests, scared money don’t make money.

I will be writing about a hand that I experienced recently.

My hand is 7 and 6 of clubs. The round starts by a player in mid position raising the bet to $13 pre-flop. After the action moves around the table, there are 5 total players in the hand.

The flop comes out 7Spades, 5Spades, 4Spades. Action begins and moves to the player who had raised pre-flop. He bets $15. When the action comes to me, I re-raise him $50, confident that no players made a pair on the board or have 2 spades in his hand completing a flush. I had a strong feeling everyone was chasing a flush with one spade in their hand or had overcards. The action moves to the player next to me and he re-raises it again to $150. The rest of the players fold and the action is on me to respond to the re-raise.

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