Handling Tilt

11What is tilt?

When one plays poorly due to being affected by typically recent, losing experiences.

Everyone who has played Poker has experienced a bad run. It’s not fun. Over the course of 6 hours, when one only receives a hand of AA only to lose it to some raggedy K7. When one is emotionally invested in a hand and ends up losing it, it could potentially put him/her on tilt. When losing hand after hand, it isn’t hard to end up on tilt.

When one doesn’t handle tilt properly, they can spiral into a huge vortex of lost money.

Take a breather, take a break. Take a moment to distance yourself from the table.Do any other activity that will take your mind off that hand. There is nothingĀ  worse than to let past experiences negatively influence your actions in future hands. This only leads to imperfect poker play.

If you are experiencing a more long term tilt, it is time to shift the blame onto yourself. If you are experiencing weeks of bad runs, bad beats, and the like, and not letting it impact your actions, then don’t worry. Everyone goes through bad runs. Tell yourself that you are still playing perfect poker and are simply getting unlucky and that you will make money in the future if you continue to play perfect poker.

Poker is a game of variation, it is not completely skill based. It is completely possible for people to go on months or bad runs at a time. You can only not let it affect your play and realize that you will make money long term.