Developing a Range

8This blog is made for players to live, breathe, eat poker.

Part of that is becoming a better poker player. Every player needs to establish a range of hands they are comfortable playing with. A common trap a lot of players fall into is only playing the top hands. Sure a player can only play the best of the best hands, but will that get them far?

They will surely make profit slowly in the long run, but is it worth it? Are you really a good player if you are only playing the best hands? That is like saying you are amazing at math, but have a calculator at all times. Not only that, but these top hands won’t come all the time. You will be sitting at a poker table, waiting for the best hands, winning minimally. There is no fun in that. There is no excitement in that. There is no improvement in that.

Now that I’ve discussed the negatives of playing a hand range of only the top hands, lets move onto the better discussion.

What hands should you play?

Lots of players like playing connectors (7 8, 8 9, J Q, etc) because it gives them potentials for straights. Playing a hand with straights can be very rewarding since it is hard to put someone on that kind of hand.

Lots of players also play one gap connectors (7 9, 9 J, etc) for the straights. Although it is less likely than no gap connectors, they still provide potential straights.

Players also like playing same suited cards as it gives potential for flushes. Flushes are also very rewarding since people don’t like to believe that someone can have a pairing suit to specifically match the board.

Whatever the type of hands you like to play, it is important to broaden one’s range further than just the premium hands of AA KK QQ JJ AK AQ AJ.






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