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Don’t Assume You’re A Loser

7After posting the bluffing article, theres no more appropriate time to write this article.

Don’t assume you’re a loser.

Strange name right? Well, don’t assume you have a losing hand. Don’t assume the opponent has the best cards.

For example, you have K J. The flop comes out A K 3. You have the second best pair available. Your opponent bets. You’d be inclined to believe he has an Ace right? Don’t. This is a trap for a lot of players. They get into the nasty habit that the opponent has the better hand.

This will cause you to lose more hands in the long run that you otherwise would’ve won. Never let people walk over you. Never let them get away with bluffing you. Stand up for yourself and test them. If your opponent bets, then you raise. Check his reaction and his actions and determine whether he really has Aces or not.

Imagine if that same opponent had 7 2 and you folded. You would have beat him cause he didn’t have anything. You would feel pretty silly, right? Punish people who think they can walk all over  you. Don’t ever assume you’re the loser. Test for yourself whether the opponent is being honest with their hand or not.

I used to be part of the crowd that allowed people to walk all over them. Sometimes, you just have to take a stand, re-raise them or all-in, even if you have a small stalk. It not only shows aggression, that people will fold to, but also show others you will not allow others to walk all over you.

And that, is the most important trait to have in poker.







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