Professional Players

The Disappearing Act of Phil Ivey

5This magic trick is a popular one.

Especially since Philip Dennis Ivey Jr is commonly referred to as the best poker player in the world. Acknowledged amongst his peers, fellow professional players, and many others, he is the Tiger Woods of poker.

Phil Ivey used to be very present in the Poker Pro scene whether it be features on the Poker After Dark series, the World Series of Poker, Full Tilt Poker, and much more. Nowadays, Phil isn’t around much. Why is this? Rumors say it’s due to legal reasons.

Due to edge sorting, Ivey has been stuck in the legal system against many casinos, fighting for his money.

“As I said in court, it’s not in my nature to cheat — and I would never do anything to risk my reputation,” Ivey stated when questioned about the cheating allegations.

Crockfords Casino in the UK ended up winning the case versus Phil Ivey and forced him to return his earnings of several millions. Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa also won the case versus Ivey and forced him to return $10.1 million.

Ivey’s lawyer stated that Ivey will be appealing the decisions soon.

Due to legal stress, Ivey has been missing in action in the poker scene. The question remains: will Ivey ever return to the pro circuit?


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