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What is Poker: Texas Hold’ em?

hiPoker: Texas Hold’em is a card game found in all casinos that mixes luck and skill. In it, players attempt to create the best 5 card hand with their 2 given cards and the 5 community cards. Texas Hold’ em, one of the many variations of Poker, uses a common hand strength hierarchy that many other card games follow.

Like other card games, there is luck involved in taking home victories in Poker. However, what draws it apart from other card games is that it’s a skill reliant game. It pits you against other players, which automatically cuts out the house advantage that is found in nearly every game at casinos. It is the only game that a player, if he has the ability to outmaneuver his opponents, can truly profit from.

Since luck is a constant factor for all players, players create their winning edge by outmaneuvering their opponents with the many action variations throughout the rounds. Through bluffing, positional advantage, and heavy betting pressure, a player with the worst hand possible can possibly force an opponent with a better hand into folding. On the other hand, a player with the better hand has to play the round correctly and not get outplayed by an opponent with a worse hand.

This is where the importance in reading tells, receiving information from your opponents, comes in handy. Making actions that forces opponents into pressuring situations will help give out information on what type of hand they have. More than anything, poker is a mind game. The better one is at reading other people, the better they are at poker.

Texas Hold’ em is a game that tests ones’ logical reasoning, wits, and resolve. Making money is great and all but the feeling of outwitting and completely dominating your opponent is even more gratifying. And THAT is what makes Texas Hold’ em such an entertaining, fulfilling game.


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